Welcome to

Lutheran Church of the

Holy Spirit!

150 Lions Drive • Elk Grove Village, IL • 60007 • 847-437-5897 • secretary@holyspiritegv.orgOffice Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 2pm
We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, and witness God’s love for us through worship, education, fellowship, and human care.
Sundays @ 9:00am
Each service draws creatively on the Christian traditions of our Lutheran heritage. Our interactive worship gives opportunity for both individual and united prayer, singing in unity, declaring God’s truth, reflection, meditation, and learning the good news in the Bible. Services are led by organ, brass, various instruments, and musical ensembles such as our choir and handbell choir.
Sundays @ 10:30am 
After worship we share in fellowship with friends new and old while enjoying refreshments of pastries and coffee. Once refreshed, we are fed by God’s word during our Education Hour.
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