Our Bible Studies are held on Sundays at 10:30 am from September to May
Jerry, our lay minister’s, Bible Study
Have you ever wondered how Christianity started and spread to become what it is today? What caused faith in Christ as our Savior to move from a small band of followers in Jerusalem to a worldwide church?

Was growth the result of a few professionals? What were the challenges this new church faced? What were some of the methods they used?

The book of Acts provides us with the best known account of the beginnings of the Christian church. It is part of our history. It shows us our past and points us toward the future.

You are invited to join our Bible Class as we begin this journey. It makes no difference what your Biblical background is. All are welcome. So join us. 
Youth Bible Study
This class is geared towards teens in 6th grade through high school and will focus on topics relevant to their needs
Tuesday Night Bible Study with Pastor Rogers
This class will focus on the books of Acts and Psalms.  It will be taught at Trinity Lutheran Church in Villa Park, and streamed on Facebook from 6:00 to 7:00 pm on Tuesdays: